How to make acne affected skin look brilliant in just two weeks

To make an acne affected skin glow, it is impossible that without full adherence to each and every rule that goes with it, the effect can be achieved. Other than the fact that the skin has to be kept completely like it is being protected by germs and bacteria, whatever goes inside the stomach too has to be taken into consideration. Good products and acne remedies that promise antibacterial action as well as supplements that can make the body take in anti oxidants, in supplement form, should be taken. A doctor that is a dermatologist should also be consulted, as only he or she can detect the actual cause of the Acne problem and can prescribe properly. Medication without consulting your dermatologist should not be taken.

Rules that a person affected by acne should adhere to in order to cure acne:

  • Eat food that is high in fiber content
  • Daily go through the cleansing and scrubbing routine not only of the affected area but also of the surrounding areas.
  • Drink lots of water and juice of fruits that are rich in Vitamin A and C
  • To avoid all and every kind of Junk Food, even if it is cooked in home.
  • To avoid eating food that is either too bitter or too sweet.

What exactly makes the Acne skin feel better

Using the right kind of acne remedies along with taking the right kind of supplement can help a lot in making the worst affected skin look like a million dollars after a month or two. It is said that not only oral application, but internal consumption of nutrients help a lot in making things better. It is not just that the facial skin gets the maximum hit, sometimes back and sometimes the armpits also are a target of acne, in such cases, more has to be be done so that the problem gets side tracked.

It is important to know that acne is not only caused because of wrong eating habits, it is also genetic. If your mother or father had it, it is possible that you too will go through the problem. Well, this is not true always, but yes, for most of the time. So, it is advised that for skin that is acne prone, using oil free cosmetics to take care of the skin from an early age should be practiced, along with eating food that is less in oil, as soon as puberty is approached.

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